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We believe that any productive endeavor — intellectual or physical — is a natural and fundamental expression of an individual.
We believe that an honest endeavor has unique value, but all are equally valid and worthy of dignity.
We believe the rewards of productivity also include gratitude and respect — the mainspring to human progress.
We believe in giving value for value received; that is, all parties should profit from an agreement.
We believe that capitalism – the voluntary exchange of tangible and  intellectual property – promotes increased productivity and rewards.
We believe that productivity plus capital (saved rewards) improves an individual’s psychological well-being.
We believe that invested capital increases personal freedom to choose and thereby contributes to the quality of culture and life.
We believe all individuals and posterity directly or indirectly benefit from an expanding culture.
We believe an individual’s “living” estate (the accumulation of  intellectual and tangible property) is an important legacy and an advisor’s job is to improve the quality and the quantity of  that legacy.

  1. We have a focus on and deep knowledge of all matters of taxation, financial and estate planning, and investment management.

  2. Your Personal Financial Guardian” integrates these areas for total wealth management -  a single-source solution.

  3. Our services are fee-only; that means we accept no commissions or forwarding fees.  As a fee-only advisor, you are assured of absolute objectivity and financial independence.  No conflicts of interest means our loyalty is totally to you.

  4. We practice what we preach – we recommend only investments in our own portfolios and strategies that we have undertaken.  The ultimate endorsement is what the advisor does for himself.

  5. We are small by design and selective in our clients.  We utilize the abilities of extraordinary associates who enjoy their work. In doing so, we focus our energies on relationships which are mutually rewarding.

 Frequent meetings keep us on track of the client’s goals.  In essence, many people ask us what makes us different?  Our best response is that you may answer the question for yourself by experiencing a free introductory meeting - Call John at (619) 435-4195.

  • Income and Tax Planning​

  • Trust, Estate and Gift Taxes

  • Investment Advisory

  • Personal Office Services

  • Personal Financial Guardian


Jan 10, 2024

Happy New Year from the Hayes Hart Family, click to see a letter from your favorite tax service provider regarding this years filing

MAR 27, 2023

The Federal Reserve will keep raising interest rates despite traders betting otherwise 


Mar 10, 2023

 The IRS announced tax relief for Californians affected by winter storms. Only taxpayers affected by these storms qualify for an extension to October 16, 2023, to file individual and business tax returns and make certain tax payments... 

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